What is SOAP?

SOAP stands for Sales Order & Acquisition Processing. The SOAP module allows your agents to instantly create and bill new customers directly in OrangeCRM. It enables you to regulate the order taking process by predefining the rules of each offer. You dictate which offers are available for each Program and assign a complete set of rules and requirements including the Billing Plan, Acquisition Center, Merchant Bank, Allowed Pay Types, Required Fields, Duplicate Check, High Risk Check, Fulfillments, Upsells and more. SOAP provides a streamlined order processing solution for your sales and customer service call centers, mail-order processing departments and counter personnel.


  • Real-time banking
  • Predefined order configurations/packages
  • Multiple Fulfillments per offer
  • Multiple Upsells per offer
  • Revenue Shares
  • Restrict access to other modules and sensitive data
  • Complete set of order reports


  • Eliminate the need for using lead file uploads to import orders
  • Prevent possible data loss that can occur when orders come from an external source
  • Ensure accuracy throughout the order entry and billing process
  • Enable preauthorised or purchase transactions to be processed in real-time, allowing sales representatives to address declined transactions on the spot while the customer is still on the phone
  • Maintain data security by allowing you to limit user access to the SOAP module so that sensitive or private data in OrangeCRM cannot be accessed or viewed by unauthorized users