CRM Customer Recording & Management

What is Recording?

The Recording module enables a recording playback feature which allows you to securely store audio files on a private, PCI compliant local FTP server and link them to your customer records. Searching and sifting through multiple recordings will be a thing of the past. Your Quality Assurance and Validation departments will have the ability to quickly retrieve and play the correct recording with a single click from a customer record. File transfers to and from our secure server use a full 2048 bit SSL encryption and an SHA/RSA key system. The Recording module delivers optimum efficiency in audio file management, while allowing you to rest easy with the confidence that your data is safe and secure.


  • PCI compliant local FTP server
  • FTPS protocol with a full 2048 bit SSL encryption and a SHA/RSA key system
  • Private, password protected file storage
  • Automated audio file retrieval
  • Single click recording retrieval and playback


  • Eliminate manual fetching of recordings
  • Avoid granting unlimited access to all audio files
  • Quickly and accurately retrieve the correct recording
  • Improve efficiency and save time
  • Conveniently store data files in one location
  • Confidence that your data is safe and secure