CRM Merchant Account Management

What is Banking?

OrangeCRM’s Banking module provides a highly customizable, PCI compliance ready mechanism for merchant account management and automated payment processing. We support over 140 gateways and offer free integration for new gateways. Our typical integration time averages 72 hours.

When using the Banking module you define all transaction processing rules including: which transactions are routed to each MID, sticky routing, single batch limits, daily and/or monthly limits, limits per transaction type (sale/capture, auth, refund, retry), time and frequency of transaction batches and much more.

With industry leading load balancing capabilities OrangeCRM’s Banking module gives you the flexibility and efficiency you need to dynamically manage all of your merchant processing in one location.


  • Unlimited merchant accounts and unlimited transactions (no fee per transaction)
  • Complies with PCI security standards and best practices
  • Role based permissions block specific users from viewing and accessing confidential data
  • Process virtually all card types, ACH and check/cash payments
  • Bulk upload capabilities for high volume processors
  • Balance your transaction load between different MIDs
  • Manage transactions individually or collectively depending on your internal business logic
  • Enable AVS (Address Verification System) for customer transactions
  • Supports Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode
  • Sophisticated cost tracking capabilities (merchant account fees, escrow charges, monthly costs)
  • Fully customizable account code management
  • Track Chargebacks and Retrieval Requests
  • Option to enable automatic refunds for all purchase transactions dated later than a chargeback
  • An array of comprehensive financial reports


  • Keeps your data safe and secure
  • Saves you time and money
  • Provides fraud and chargeback prevention
  • Puts you in full control of all transaction processing
  • Optimizes cash flow management
  • Enables you to make educated financial decisions
  • Allows you to add new merchant accounts quickly and easily
  • Supports processing guidelines for transactions to clear at the best possible rate