Dedicated CRM Administrator

What is MyAdmin?

The MyAdmin module will save your company a substantial amount of time by providing you with a dedicated OrangeCRM administrator who will oversee the day-to-day operation of your database, ensure data accuracy across the system and perform any changes or alterations you may request. Simply dictate your business plans to your admin and allow them to take care of all the necessary setup work in OrangeCRM. Under your direction, the admin will be responsible for configuring the structures needed within the CRM to support your campaigns and implement your business rules. Not only will MyAdmin free you up to dedicate more attention to other important areas in your business, it will also give you the confidence that your system is configured accurately and optimally.


  • Dedicated OrangeCRM administrator
  • Single point of contact for all change requests and system alterations
  • Evaluation of existing configuration and suggestions for improvement
  • Confirmation that all automated processes are functioning properly on a daily basis
  • Resolution of any database log errors
  • Review of data as it is entered into the system either automatically or by CRM users
  • Identification and correction of errors made by users
  • Verification that data fields are populated correctly
  • Monitoring and reporting of any dangerous or negative trends
  • Provision of new system users as requested
  • Collaboration with IT department to manage implementation of new programs and back-end integration


  • Save a substantial amount of time that can be allocated to other important business tasks
  • Save money by reducing errors and delays
  • Rollout new campaigns quickly and improve their results
  • Optimized system configuration
  • Experience new ways of increasing efficiency, improving business processes and generating more sales
  • Confidence of adding a trained, experienced admin to your team who is familiar with the intricacies of OrangeCRM