On-Demand Intelligent CRM Reporting

What is Analytics?

The Analytics module provides the business intelligence, analytics and on demand reporting you need to interpret and analyze your data. Our web based platform allows authorized personnel within your organization to instantly access and monitor key metrics and make informed decisions anytime, anywhere.

The Analytics module supports both OrangeCRM data and your external data sources. Each report offers multiple grouping options allowing you to choose how you wish the data to be presented. With over 120 business reports featuring customizable options, numerous visual aids and quick-reference dashboards. The Analytics module is a comprehensive data mining solution facilitating smarter decision making to optimize your business performance.


  • On demand customizable reporting
  • Over 120 business reports including estimated billing, profit and loss, deposit activity, transaction summaries, chargeback monitoring and much more
  • Role based permissions to allow/block users from accessing data
  • Manage projects and work flow in a dynamic environment
  • Analyze historical sets of data
  • Dynamic what-if analysis
  • Risk/reward reporting to compare true returns on campaigns, call centers, web pages, affiliates, etc
  • Predict revenue, costs, chargebacks and other financial variables using best and worst case scenarios
  • Expose fraud trends within your banking and merchant account data
  • Comparison analytics on personnel, sales (A/B testing), advertising, fulfillments and more


  • Receive accurate, reliable data
  • Improve business planning
  • Enable fact-based decision making
  • Increase sales and decrease costs
  • Measure what matters most today, expose threats, and gain predictive insights that reveal the best actions
  • Learn about your customers and develop more effective marketing strategies
  • Quickly identify emerging trends, predict their impact on the business and determine how to optimize the result
  • Infuse confidence in every decision and seize opportunities to be more proactive and innovative
  • Gain a competitive advantage against industry peers