Discontinued CRM Continuity Management

What is Boneyard?

Boneyard is a discount rate plan for continuity programs you wish to phase out and cancel. It allows you to continue billing existing active customers as attrition proceeds, while preventing any new customers from being added to the program. Boneyard will save you money during times when you need to gradually close out a program due to a discontinued item or a shift in your business model.


  • Discounted rate plan.
  • Full access to all program features, payment processing and reporting as attrition takes place.
  • Automatically prevent new customers from being added to boneyard programs.


  • Save money on program fees during the attrition process
  • Continue generating revenue until all customers in the program have canceled their product/service
  • Stay fully informed of estimated billing projections, transaction activity, attrition rates and more
  • Obtain a complete set of final reports when attrition is complete