Regulate CRM Customer Service Activity

What is Event?

The Event module enables you to regulate customer service activity by allowing you to dictate which actions are allowed and when they can be performed. You will create a customized set of predefined actions, known as an Event, that will be presented as available options to users based on the conditional rules that you have established. Events are used to manage and track CSR actions such as refunds, salvages, cancellations, fulfillment re-ships, revenue shares, chargebacks, QA performance and more. The Event module is an effective management tool that puts you in control of customer care tasks while providing a reliable way of recording and accurately reporting on such activity.


  • Refunds
  • Salvages
  • Cancellations
  • Fulfillment re-ships
  • Chargebacks
  • QA Performance
  • Automated Ticketing
  • Performance Reporting


  • Ensures adherence to proper company policies and procedures
  • Discourages reps from misusing customer data
  • Prevents unwanted actions such as incomplete or inaccurate entry of information, possible false representation, human error, etc
  • Guarantees accurate and reliable data! Events are predefined with their own set of rules, they will always reflect the true actions of CSRse
  • Provides reporting that makes it easy to monitor all Events, manage incentive programs and identify dangerous trends that need to be addressed