International CRM Transaction Management

What is Money?

The Money module makes the task of managing and processing foreign transactions much more efficient. Its convenient currency conversion function provides standardized currency reporting, allowing you to process transactions in foreign currencies and report on them in USD (or any other desired currency). You will create a list of Currency Conversions where you will assign the original currency and the destination currency. You can use currency filters to route and process multiple currencies in each Merchant Bank. The Money module is a valuable tool that will save you time, simplifing foreign transaction management and providing enhanced transaction reporting.


  • Currency conversion
  • Automated Forex hourly conversion updates (can be disabled)
  • Option to manually update rates from sources other than Forex
  • Standardized currency reporting
  • Currency based bank routing
  • Process multiple currencies in each Merchant Bank
  • Currency assignment on Fee Schedules
  • Currency assignment on Customer Transactions


  • Eliminates the need to create a separate Merchant Bank for each currency
  • Saves time from having to run separate transaction reports for each Merchant Bank that process in a foreign currency
  • Does away with the manual calculation of currency conversions
  • Prevents possible misinterpretation if data that can occur with non-standardized currency reporting
  • Avoids manual updates of the latest exchange rates